4KRL (4 Kingdoms Roguelike)

A roguelike game inspired by HOMM series for 7DRL 2021.


  • 4 islands and 4 kingdoms
  • The islands are connected by underground
  • Your goal is defeating the other kingdoms
  • There're no allies, everyone is each other's enemies


  • Numpad or vi keys - Move or melee attack
  • Space/Enter - Interact with the current tile
  • I - Open inventory
  • F - Fire ranged weapon
  • Tab - Cycle targets
  • F2 - Toggle scanlines
  • F5 - Restart the game


  • Do not rush into underground, it's a dangerous place at first
  • You can only have 4 facilities at the same time
  • You can demolish the facilities, but gold won't be refunded
  • You can walk through trees and mountains, but it needs more energy
  • You can also play the game using only numpad keys
    (0 to open inventory, / to fire, -/+ to cycle targets)

Graphics by https://iknowkingrabbit.itch.io/

PlatformsWindows, HTML5
Rated 4.0 out of 5 stars
GenreRole Playing
TagsSeven Day Roguelike Challenge, Roguelike


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how can you attack i used num pad  but its not working btw the melee

Good game, but some sort of control settings would be nice, i have a 60% keyboard with no numpad and arrow keys are to small.

It would would be cool if there was wasd.

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Very addictive game. Well thought/planned out, as well as constructed and laid out. I hope you continue to develop this, the game engine is strong, and has a lot of potential!

Of course, more instruction on how to play would be helpful, as well as information on what is what or does what. Most can be figured out, so it is only a minor thing. (Although it is odd to me that many tiles appear to be just background, non-interactive.)


Thank you! I'm still making a small update on and off, but I'm getting a little lazy. I'll try to update the game not too far future :P

Awesome! I didn't write that comment, but good luck on the update. 


Realmente Ame tu juego hubieron tantas ideas geniales que solo me hacen querer jugar mas. Aunque llegue en un punto donde si estaba completamente estancado, eso no le quita las buenas ideas que se desarrollaron en el juego. (perdon hermano yo soy hablante de español y el ingles no se me da muy bien pero espero que mi comentario logre animarte y que sigas creando mas cosas geniales)

Thank you :) I don't speak Spanish (I guess?), but I used a translator.


Damn, this game is cool. Love the progression of getting loot + resources out in the world to build-up your town. Overall the gameplay is very solid. Haven't tried the underground yet, but I'll give it a go later. Really looking forward to seeing this game updated. Nice work! 😎


What language / framework you used to write this?


It's my own engine written in C++/SDL2 with Emscripten for web build.

OK, thanks for the information!
Good work! I guess it should be fairly easy to port into Linux.

Hello, please do a native Linux PC version, ideally a portable AppImage, if you can, thanks.


Sorry, I don't have Linux development environment. Maybe I can try to find people to help me in roguelikes community, but it's a low priority for now.

@Tchey: The game runs fine under WINE (using "Play on Linux") in Linux. I do not know what is involved in making an AppImage right now, so I cannot say anything about that.

@underww: I might be willing to help port, if you want. Alternatively, you can host it on something like GITHUB and let the community help port it.

Very cool

Fun HOMM-style roguelike! Exploring the map and gathering resources and items had the same appeal as it does in HOMM.

I like the pixel art! Even though everything is tiny, it’s usually immediately obvious what it is. One question though - how do you recover your health? The player character has a lot of health, which leads me to tank hits, but if there’s no method of healing…


You can recover your health in the town after you build a tavern, or you can just wait in place for hundreds of turns :P (Numpad 5 or . key for wait once) Probably I'll add some usable items later.


Verry addictive! 

well done! :)


Pretty game but I didn't enconter any resistance in the first 3 levels. Every enemy dies in 1 to 3 hits. And I don't know how to gain gold. I suspect I should have built a trading post in place of a stable. Now I'm stuck ^^'


Yeah, you should build a trading post, then you can sell your resources. Originally I wanted to use resources differently, I couldn't make it properly in time. I'll change it later.

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Discovered this game randomly this evening, thoughts (after two hours of playtime) ; version : update 15/03/21

+++ (!! for people discovering the game this comment may contain spoilers)

-love the retro style

-game is clear and runs smoothly

-animations, graphics/textures and objects/units simple but very nice to look at 

-no sound effects or music (coming later i suppose) 

-simple gameplay, addictive by the research of better equipment (and mystery behind unknown gear)/ change of class (don't really know what you mean by 'class' and what it modifies; can it transform you from a close-combat unit into a range unit for ex? - nice mecanic)

-each different kingdom/island has its own style

-relatively large variety of units overall (nice), a few per faction it seems


-when equipping gear in the inventory it automatically closes it, I found it annoying when I forgot to drop something or want to check stats. Maybe you can make one hotkey which equips selected gear and closes inventory, and another one/button which equips without closing inv. 

-as aivct said, the add of a physical mount and/or a place for mount(s) in the inventory would be very nice

-more mounts; >>speed

-little clouds in the sky/ wind on grass, trees (at this point everything is a bit frozen)

-possibility to find and recruit mercenaries

-possibility to increase inventory size

-multiplayer in the future? 

-many more ideas but i think this is enough 

To conclude on this early version, i really like the project as simple as it is but can't wait to discover new features if you decide to put more time in this game. Thank you for sharing your work! great job and good luck ! :)

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Thanks for your suggestions :) I'm trying to focus the game contents and the balance for a while. I'm struggling with my messy 7DRL code at the moment though. I hope I can release a new update soon.


10/10, very addictive.

There's a building bug in the game. After you demolish buildings, a new building can be built on other buildings that already have been built. I fixed this already, but because I'm refactoring the code a lot now, it can possibly have unexpected new bugs. So this will be released a bit later.

I encountered this bug--I demolished all my buildings in one game to play around with some of the other buildings, and it built a Trading Post on top of an Inn when I re-built them. :-(

So I played a while more, and realized that I never got to see the strongest neutral monsters when I played the first time. This time, in the very deep underground, I met Paladin (200 hp), Dark Knight (150hp), and Cyclops (160 hp, knockback effect). Are these the highest tier enemies? Are there more (Devil, Titan, Treant)?

In addition to Cyclops knockback, I noticed that engaging ranged units in melee combat reduces there damage - just like in Heroes series. I suspect you implemented tons of mechanics that aren't obvious on first playthrough!

I tried using Bow, and it doesn't seem to shoot. Neither F nor Tab do anything - am I doing something wrong?

Do weapon rarities matter at all? My legendaries are often +5 stat, while my common/uncommon items have +20.

I'm Sorry, the ranged weapons are not functionally ranged weapons, they just give you attack power for now. You can only do ranged attack when you have the ability based on your character. And higher rarity items can be more good items, but not always. It's random. If I make higher rarity items always better than lowers, actually you won't need to identify items. But yeah, items are very raw. I should update that.

Perhaps giving higher tier items some kind of special that is only usable once identified would work? For example, a Legendary Dagger that has a 10% chance of instantly killing the victim, or an Epic Longsword that has a 10% chance of a critical hit, or Armor that when your opponent hits you has a 10% chance of knocking the enemy back, etc. Another option is simply not showing the tier tag at all until it is identified. Or even do both!

I don't want to nitpick here, because the core-gameplay loop is solid and I likewise lost the half-hour in bliss, but I figure that if I don't say it nobody will. Is there someplace to report bugs/suggestions?

-Am only slightly disappointed that when you buy a horse, the player character isn't shown mounted. 

-Also, more description on what the facilities do would be helpful.

-Sometimes when you stand over empty ground in other kingdoms it says old skeleton/campfire on the top righthand corner for no reason? For what it's worth, there sometimes is a skeleton/campfire nearby. 

-When you build forge and library, they seem to conflict and then when you demolish one you don't get the option to demolish the other one?

-In the end game I can't find the other enemies. I've went to their kingdoms and burned down their castles, but still can't find them?

Anyways, awesome half hour time waster. These things stand out to me mostly because everything else is done so well! Cheers.

Thanks for the feedbacks and suggestions! I'm slightly off now after I finished the 7DRL. But I'm going to update the game from next week. UIs, more contents, the balance work, etc. Feel free to leave your suggestions here at any time :)

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And about the last one, if you never seen the victory message, I'm sure there's at least 1 enemy hero somewhere, probably they're keep wandering the islands, cavern or the dungeon(3rd floor). If there's no bug. (I hope)

Wait, you can burn down enemy castles? I went to their cities and didn't notice any prompts. But yeah, searching for enemy heroes is a bit of a drag.


I did not see any prompts about burning down their castles, bu if you go around their houses, it lets you burn the houses down.


This was fun! I'm impressed by how much there is to see and do.  Lots of enemies and items. Town upgrades. Different biomes for the different kingdoms. At least two levels of dungeons with different generation algorithms.

Thanks for playing!


This looks great! Are you planning to release the standalone, non-web version?

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I just added the Windows build. (Sorry for other platforms) And I've never tested it on other PC yet, so let me know if there's any problem. Maybe I should call it 4MRL now.

Played for an hour and no issues encountered so far. Thank you :)


Very nice and polished game! The only thing "off", IMHO, it's the structure pricing, mainly the town upgrades.

Yep, I should have more balance work.

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I love HOMM, so of course I had to check out your game! The world is a delight to traverse, and the variety of HOMM3 enemies evoke a deep nostalgia in me. I like the town upgrades as well - although I managed to win the game before I even tried the expensive ones. The way the city evolves as a result is aesthetically pleasing.

I didn't notice this anywhere in the instructions, but looks like the game can be zoomed in/out with mouse wheel - really helpful when you get lost underground.

The AI seems a bit weak - 2 enemies died before I even got to other islands, and I defeated the third one without upgrading my hero, enchanting my weapon, or really identifying whether my items were good or not. It also took me a while to find this enemy - seems like with a map this large, it might take a while?

There might be a bug with demolishing buildings - whatever building cost 50k, does not appear as a build option anymore after demolishing it. Or am I misunderstanding how it's meant to work?

Anyway, this was a joyful half an hour - I'll return to explore more content. Cheers and thank you!


Thank you for your feedbacks! I'll check the bug, and the AI... Yes, even though I spent a lot of time on this, it's still not so good enough.


One of the lacking things is fast travel of some sort, or a way to make bigger inventory.

Yeah, actually I had an idea about a recall spell or scroll, but I couldn't make any usable spells and items.

How do you restart when you die?

Press F5 to restart the game at any time. The game will restart without refreshing page.

This is a cool game. There seems so much content for 7 days, I’m impressed!

How do you spend the resources (gems, wood etc.) you pick up?

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Thank you! I couldn't make it properly in time, you can only sell the resources after you build a trading post.